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"7 Months Earlier" is side story of the Koe no Katachi manga series.


Shouko gets a haircut.


Ishida Miyako calls a young girl (Nishimiya Shouko) flipping through a girls hairstyle magazine up to the chair for a hair cut, but her calls go "ignored." She finally gets the girls attention, and while the girl shows Miyako what haircut she wants, she notices the girls hair is wet and covered in debris. She thought the girl looked like this because she too was jumping off of bridges for a Daily Daredevil-type challenge.

The girls mother (Nishimiya Yaeko) walks in asking what hair style her daughter had chosen, declines the style, and requests it be done in a pixie cut instead, claiming she wants her daughter to look like a boy. Miyako tries to ask the girl if she is okay with this as her mother interrupts saying it's no use talking to her because she can't hear. The woman reiterates that she wants her daughters hair short so people will think she's strong like a boy and sits down in the waiting area. Miyako writes a note to the girl asking if the hair cut her mother chose is OK and the girl looks a little upset by this.

A short time later, Miyako and the young girl walk out to the waiting room with the original hair cut the girl had chosen. The woman insults Miyako asking if there is something wrong with HER hearing because this was not the pixie cut she had requested for her daughter. Miyako tries to reason with her saying that this was the cut the daughter had chosen and, even though the mother was paying for it, it was the daughter who had to live with it. The woman screams that she "didn't ask for your or Shouko's opinion" and that she was doing this to keep her daughter from being bullied. She slams money down on the counter and says they will never be coming there again, and storms out while Miyako tries to apologize.

Not knowing what is going on, the girl is forcibly pulled out of the store. While being dragged off, she turns to bow at Miyako in thanks and happily smiles as she leaves.[1]


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