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"That's Just Great" is the tenth chapter in the Koe no Katachi manga series.


Ishida was suspended in the class because of the fake article about him jumping off the bridge.


Ishida's mother is preparing breakfast for him before he goes to school. She noticed his good mood and asked for it but Ishida denies it. His mother asks why he tried to kill himself in a very normal tone and he fell on his mother's trick and tried to reason out. After finding out the truth, she was enraged and dared to burn the 1.7 million Yen he earned after selling his stuffs, He got scared for the money and repeatedly apologized and swear not to do it again. In the end, the money got accidentally burned. Ishida sulked but after she told him that she will not be happy using the money he earned to die, he decided to save up again with head high.

On his way to school, he met Yuzuru taking a photo of a dead fish she caught. When their eyes met, Yuzuru ran towards him, kicked him continuously for talking to Shouko. She teases him more, forcefully letting him smell her hair. She then told him that she is Nishimiya's boyfriend, they use the same shampoo and they bathed together which surprised Ishida lost his control over his bike and fell again. He picked it up while confirming Yuzuru's relationship to Nishimiya and promised to him never to talk to her again. While riding his bike, he thought about Nishimiya being happy with her boyfriend and it crossed to his mind both Nishimiya and Yuzuru bathing together and he crashed on a post.

The students in the school saw him and are laughing at him but he ignored them. As he was about to talk to Nagatsuka, one of his classmates asked him about an article spreading. Though the image is when he tried jumped off the bridge when Nishimiya fell, the article is about him jumping off the bridge for no reason. He admitted that he is on the image but he denied the content. Because of this, Ishida was called on the faculty and got suspended for a week.[1]


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