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"That Face" is the eleventh chapter of Koe no Katachi manga series.


Yuzuru wonders if the only expression her sister can do is smile. But unexpected to her as she got home, her sister is getting mad at her which is very new to her.


Yuzuru ran towards the bathroom where Shouko is and told her about Ishida having a girlfriend and playing with the girls in his class. Shouko may have seemed surprised at first but she talked to Yuzuru with a smile on her face which stopped Yuzuru from talking more.

Their mother asked Yuzuru to show the article about Ishida and keep her distance from him. Yuzuru was amused on how Ishida got suspended and told her mother to tell Shouko herself.

Outside, as she photographs a dead bird, she reminisces Shouko's answer to her and it pisses her off. She also remembers the time when they were young. Her sister was on the river looking for the hearing aids. Yuzuru tried to persuade her from looking but Shouko kept doing so. She told her to get mad like she deserves to and seeing how she keeps on smiling, hiding her true emotions but Shouko finds it hard to do so.

The kids who bullied them the other day arrived. Yuzuru kept Shouko away from them by keeping her looking for her hearing aids for another hour. As she was about to retaliate, Shouko stood in front of her, protecting her from the stones thrown back. Yuzuru saw her sister smiling again.

Then she remembered the time when sister came back home battered, finding out her sister fought into a boy. She looked into it and found out she fought with Ishida. Yuzuru heard from the rumors Shouko was not mad but instead smiling at that time.

As she got back home, Shouko was sitting in the hallway waiting for her. She faced her and asking if Yuzuru is the one responsible for the article. Admitting it was her idea for he hates Ishida, Yuzuru was shocked to see Shouko mad.[1]

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  • Nishimiya Yuzuru
  • Nishimiya Shouko
  • Nishimiya's mother
  • Ishida Shouya

References Edit

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