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"Sis" is the twelfth chapter of Koe no Katachi manga series.


Yuzuru expresses her hatred towards Ishida by making a false article about him. With Shouko's unexpected reaction at what she did, she gets mad and runs away from home. Unexpectedly, Ishida found her and gave her shelter. That night, Shouko left home, as well.


On Yuzuru's perspective, she expressed how she hated Ishida. She took a picture of him when he jumped off the bridge and made a fake article about it. She is surprised and mad at how Shouko got mad at her and wonders if it is because Ishida is involved. Shouko persuaded her to apologize with him but Yuzuru kept stubborn and instead ran away when she thought Shouko got mean to her.

The next morning, after finishing the apology letter, Ishida's sister asked him to pick up Maria, his niece.

After picking up Maria, they stopped at a park and there, Maria and Ishida found Yuzuru sleeping inside the playground. Yuzuru was surprised to see who found her and act tough in front him as they conversed. Ishida wondered why Yuzuru is not attending school in which Yuzuru avoids the question by asking the same thing. Ishida though, explained he got suspended due to a false article spreading about him and he wondered how she knew about it that Yuzuru admitted she is the one behind it.

Instead of getting mad, Ishida felt glad knowing he knows the reason why she did it. Yuzuru wondered if he is mad in which Ishida replied he cannot be mad since he brought it upon himself. Yuzuru then wondered if Shouko did not get mad because she thought it was her fault, too but Ishida did not utter a word.

Their serious atmosphere was cut off when Maria approached them. Yuzuru was surprised and thought she was Ishida's kid but Ishida explained she is his niece and her father is a Brazilian. As Ishida is about to go home, Yuzuru is losing consciousness. He suggested to come at his place but Yuzuru declined the offer until she fainted.

The Ishida's gladly accept Yuzuru on their home but she kept her stubbornness. She only felt at home when Maria fed her.

Three o'clock in the morning, Ishida's mother was scared when she heard knockings on their door and woke up Ishida, only to found it was Nishimiya's mother looking for her daughter Shouko.

Yuzuru felt guilty and thought Shouko left home probably because she was looking for her. She asked Ishida if she can come with him to look for her which Ishida gladly accepted the suggestion.


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